Maritime law today covers a broad area of issues, ranging from injuries and working conditions at sea to shipping and commerce, as well as recreational boating and environmental issues. Ships that fly the Greek flag are subject to Greek maritime law.

Our office acts frequently on behalf of individuals and legal entities (e.g. ship owners, maritime companies, seamen, etc.) in every aspect of maritime law and of private maritime business in general (e.g. charter parties and bills of landing, marine casualties, marine insurance and P&I, maritime sales, shipbuilding and ship sale and purchase etc.), including other nautical matters, such as shipping or offenses occurring on open water.

Our traditional relationships with ship-owners and maritime enterprises in Greece have given credence to our outstanding practice in a broad spectrum of the marine industry, including indicatively the incorporation and operation of shipping and yachting companies, maritime transport and chartering, sale and purchase of ships and boats, ship registration in different jurisdictions, shipping finance, maritime liens and mortgages, salvage, marine insurance etc.

In parallel, our office demonstrates continuous and diachronic success in the extra – judicial settlement of marine conflicts, including maritime labour disputes.