Our office handles effectively all kind of cases of energy law, which constitutes a new legal field with an autonomous conceptual system and individual methodology.

In particular, we render specialized legal services:

  • In all aspects of electricity legislation, including production, trade, transmission, distribution and supply;
  • In all aspects of natural gas legislation, including production, import, trade, storage, supply and distribution;
  • In all aspects of renewable energy sources legislation, including photovoltaic parks, wind parks, hydroelectric projects, biomass, biofuels etc.;
  • In all aspects of oil and hydrocarbon legislation.

Our lawyers have significant experience and know-how in the provision of advisory legal services from the start of the negotiations stage until the final stage of signing and implementation of different construction agreements of international energy projects, including its licensing procedure and their financing.

In parallel, we are eligible to represent our clients before any courts, arbitral institutions, and during any type of extra – judicial dispute resolution proceedings, with respect to the resolution of any kind of energy law disputes.