For decades we have proved ourselves before any Greek competent courts, having developed great experience in the handling of legal disputes before and outside of the courtrooms, having represented individuals and legal entities in a broad spectrum of their activities.

In particular, our practice involves Mediation, Arbitration, Commercial & Corporate litigation, EU litigation, Insurance litigation, IP litigation, IT litigation, Administrative litigation, Real Estate disputes, Tax & Customs dispute resolution, Professional liability, Product liability, Government liability etc.

In this context, we work closely with our clients to minimise the risks of any dispute occurring, but should a conflict nonetheless arise, we help clients resolve it effectively. Insofar, we have handled successfully numerous puzzling and demanding litigations, including complex civil and commercial disputes, real estate disputes, money laundering and white – collar disputes, as well as tax and customs violations.

Moreover, we responsibly represent our clients before any independent administrative authorities, public organisations and entities, protecting efficiently and effectively their legal interests.