Corporate law is the body of law that pertains to companies and the people involved in running and financing them. Dealing with corporate law issues is fundamental for our practice. We have developed an exemplary knowledge of corporate law, current trends and legislative and regulatory developments.

In particular, we render advisory services regarding the incorporation, operation, termination, liquidation, restructure/reorganization, mergers & acquisitions, buy-outs, shareholders’ relations and rights, corporate governance etc.

Having in our workplace lawyers admitted to foreign Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions, enables us to offer incorporation services of offshore and onshore foreign companies; including the establishment of business presence of foreign companies in Greece.

Our team works on every stage of the deal, from structuring, due diligence and negotiation to implementation and post-deal integration. We co-ordinate complex transactions successfully, satisfy regulatory requirements, prepare documentation, advice on tax matters, assist in due diligence investigations and deliver the required legal opinions.

Our practice includes: Corporate, M&A, Joint ventures, Liquidation, Insolvency, Corporate recovery, Financial Restructuring and Creditor rights, Corporate Governance etc.