We handle responsibly every aspect of refugee, asylum, citizenship and immigration law (domestic, European or international), as well as respective employment issues of aliens with Greek employers. In this context, we address with discretion every kind of legal dispute, regarding aliens, who enter in Greece lawfully or illegally, stay and / or work in our country, with emphasis on the legal issues related to the 2nd-generation immigrants.

In particular, we can handle successfully the filing of petitions for the granting or renewal of every type of residence permits (residence permit for work purposes, for temporary residence, for humanitarian, exceptional and other reasons, for studies, voluntary work, research and vocational training, for victims of human trafficking and migrant smuggling, for family reunion, long term residence permit), for the acquisition of Greek citizenship, for the granting of asylum to refugees, invitation letters to foreigners for work or tourism, visa admissions.

In parallel, our lawyers are eligible to represent our clients before all Greek administrative courts with respect to the deregistration, annulment or suspension of any judicial or administrative deportation decisions or any judicial or administrative decision rejecting residence permit / visa / asylum petitions, as well as of defending our foreign clients during the objections procedure before police stations for the lifting of preventive detention.