The administrative law regulates the organization of the State and the Public administration (e.g. municipalities, regions, government and public sector entities, independent administrative authorities, universities, the Orthodox Church etc.). The term “administrative procedure” encompasses all actions of the administrative organs or individuals, which are necessary for an administrative act to be issued.

Our office has developed a strong regulatory practice that helps our clients to understand how to deal with the domestic and local regulatory authorities pertaining to all administrative matters, involving indicatively concessions, expropriation proceedings, government contracts, public procurement, public private partnerships etc.

In this context, we monitor systemically the developments in the constitutional and administrative legislation, as well as the ones of the respective European legislation, emphasizing on the case law of the Council of the State, the Court of Audit and the common administrative courts.

Our lawyers have substantial experience in the handling of administrative and public law disputes (including, increasingly, private sector organisations retained to provide public services), by the successful filing of any legal remedies before all types of administrative courts.