Our lawyers have excellent legal knowledge and extensive experience in the legal representation and support of clients (both individuals and legal entities) in all stages of the criminal proceedings (e.g. drafting and filing of criminal complaints, defence memoranda and petitions, thorough study and preparation of the criminal file, appearance and defence etc.) before any competent Investigator, District Attorney, Judicial Council, and Criminal Court in Greece.

The assignment of your representation to our lawyers guarantees a right and effective defence before any preliminary enquiry authorities, judicial councils and criminal courts, during all pre-trial procedure stages, judicial councils stage and main (trial) proceedings, including the demanding cassation proceedings before the Supreme Court of Greece, in relation to the whole spectrum of the crimes described in the Greek Penal Code (e.g. breach of trust, fraud, embezzlement, extortion, breach of duty, abuse of authority, slander, libel, forgery, personal injury etc.) and further described in different Special Criminal Statues (e.g. money laundering, tax evasion, customs smuggling, antiquities smugglings, drug crimes, gun crime, securities crime etc.).

In parallel, we are highly specialized in the field of International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters (e.g. Extradition, European arrest warrant etc.) and we successfully handle cases regarding the violation of international human rights established in the European Convention on Human Rights and other international Treaties and Covenants.