Banking law has been showcased during the last decades both internationally and domestically, as an autonomous legal field, with elements of civil, commercial, financial and public law. In synopsis, banking law refers to the requirements for the establishment and operation of the business of credit institutions, the activities of the credit institutions, and the supervision on credit institutions and their activities. Our office has an active practice related to disputes between credit institutions and their clientele, the opening of various types of bank accounts, different types of loans and credit facilities, consumer and mortgage credit, payment system and funds transfer, sureties and guarantees (e.g. letter of guarantee, letter of credit etc.), securitisation and structured finance, as well as to modern types of financing contracts (e.g. factoring, leasing, forfaiting etc.).

Capital markets law is the practice area of lawyers who represent entities that issue securities to raise capital, security holders seeking to sell their securities, or banks and investment banks that underwrite and sell such securities. Our lawyers have broad experience in dealing with matters of securities law, such as stock listings and placement of securities, secondary offerings, public offerings, listings due diligence, capital markets transactions, OTC market transactions, derivatives, collective investments entities, venture capital etc.

Our law office offers deep knowledge in all aspects regarding the operation, compliance and regulation of the participants and members of the Securities Market and the Derivatives Market, both operated by the Athens Exchange S.A., and the Electronic Secondary Securities Market, operated by Bank of Greece, and they offer legal counsel to compliance and regulatory matters regarding Market Intermediaries, such as investment intermediation firms, investment services firms, EPEY branches etc.